Bulgaria, Sofia

TS “Yulii”
Julius Theater School was established in 2002. The studio works in a unique institution CHITALISHTE, which exists only in Bulgaria and deals with acting. Our community center (chitaliste) is "G. S. Rakovski-1925 “.
During all the years of tireless creative activity, our studio has established itself as a place that keeps the quality of its artistic production high and the successful development of its students and artists on the theater stages in Bulgaria and abroad. The members and students of our theater studio justify the high standard and level of education, later applying with 100% success in higher education institutions for theater and cinema around the world and in our country, and at a later stage become successful graduates, actors, directors, set designers, critics, animators, screenwriters, mimes, and puppet actors. Our theatre school has established itself as an unprecedented winner at numerous national and international festivals and forums for amateur theater under the expert guidance of its artistic director and founder Velislava Arnaudova, and assistants and directors Vladimir Mastikov and Daniela Arnaudova.
Our performances and plays are part of the cultural program of dozens of municipalities in Sofia and the countryside.
For the 19 years of work we have realized 48 performances, we have more than 50 first prizes, about a hundred amateur actors have been a part of our theatre school, 90% of which are already professionals. The name of the school is a guarantee for the high quality of the production that came out of it. We enjoy exceptional authority in theatrical and cinema life circles



Youth house, Vratsa, Bulgaria


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