We are Children and Youth Theatre-Studio "Et Cetera..." from Tbilisi, Georgia. Our studio has been existing for 10 years and is directed by a famous actress from Georgia, Mariam Jologua. Our studio is for amateurs, however, we have been judged as the studio of a more professional level. Currently every teacher in “Et Cetera…” is a well-known, professional-level celebrity in Georgia. Among Georgian festivals, "Et Cetera..." has participated at the Tbilisi International Theatre Festival (in 2019 this festival was named by EFFE as one of the top 26 festivals). In 2019 at this festival "Et Cetera" performed the play - "Lasha Giorgi makes his dream come true" (directed by Misha Charkviani, about bullying, violence, and inequality among young people.)
Our first approach with Shakespeare's play was in 2017. Our studio has created a project "Love's Labour's Lost" by William Shakespeare, which in the Summer of 2018 was performed at the Shakespeare festival in Tournon with great success. Usually, we perform in Georgian, however, we do have English plays too.
We have performed at various international festivals (Spain, Italy, Malta, Moscow, Las Vegas, France, Czech Republic) where everywhere we have received prizes.
From the festivals of AITA / IATA we have been invited and participated in: France, Tournon sur-Rhone, Shakespeare Festival; in 2019 Soukani Ostrov, Czech Republic; in 2019 Bunte Bühne, Fellbach, Stuttgart, Germany. At all three of these festivals, our performances proved to be very successful.
Because of the global pandemic, during 2020 our studio had to resume its educational processes online through social distancing. Despite the difficulties, our studio released a number of online projects, which were very timely and appropriate for current affairs. Among such projects were "The Wizard of Oz", "Bluebird" and many more.
In 2021, our online video performance, "Does A Planet Like This Exist", was a part of an online celebration of the World Theatre Day, organized by ITI (International Theatre Institute).



Youth house, Vratsa, Bulgaria


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