International Youth Festival of Arts
„Priests of the Muses”

The International youth art festival „Priests of the muses” is held from 20 to 30 August in the town of Tsarevo, Bulgaria, organized by NGO “TEMP- ART” and the Municipality of Tsarevo, supported by the Bulgarian Association of Amateur Theaters – BAAT. ITAF

„Priests of the muses” is not a competitionbut an informal exchange of ideas and artistic practices from different fields of art between young artists. The festival gives freedom to each group and individual artist to show their talent in front of the public unencumbered by competition, but just because of the magic of art.

The aim of the festival is o form a youth creative arts forum which gathers young artists from different countries. The participants will present the cultural traditions of their countries and will build creative and friendly contacts with each other. Every concert, performances, presentations, and happenings make the festival days a colorful palette of all types of art.

In the festival, after an advanced selection, is open to young people and adults from 5 to 45 years old, students from secondary and higher art schools, as well as participants in various creative schools, studios and formations from the country and abroad. There are no restrictions on the number of participating formations and the number of participants in each formation.

he participants of the international youth art festival „Priests of the muses” have the unique opportunity to perform on open stages in seven resorts on the Bulgarian southern Black Sea coast / Sinemorets, Ahtopol, Lozenets, Primorsko, Kiten, Varvara, Tsarevo /, during mixed concerts, children's shows, evening theatrical performances in the open air, evenings of individual arts and workshops, according to a pre-prepared festival program. The festival performances are documented through photo and video recording.

Ancient Cultures Festival
"Todorka’s SUN"

The International Festival of Ancient Cultures "The Sun of Todorka" is held in the area of Valoga, Ohoden village, Vratsa Municipality, Bulgaria.


During the 4 festival days, the participants live and work on a tourist bivouac in close proximity to the archeological excavations. During the days of the event are organized round tables and discussions of archaeologists, scientists and representatives of various associations and institutes dealing with topics related to antiquity and ancient knowledge.

The aim is to present the latest innovations from the world of archeology and ancient history. Artistic reconstructions of ancient rituals and legends presented by formations from the country and abroad are presented by art groups from Bulgaria and other countries.

The form of the festival allows it to become a place for new tourist visual products for the tourist business in the region and the country.

The festival is organized by the NGO TEMP ART - an associate member of AITA / IATA - and is realized with the financial and logistical support of the Youth House - Vratsa, Municipality of Vratsa, and with the assistance of the Bulgarian Association of Amateur Theaters /BAAT/. TEMP ART Association is registered in the Ministry of Culture and in the Central Register of non-profit legal entities for public benefit activities.