Theatre “Maskam rad”
NGO "Joyfest" is one of the most active cultural platforms of Ukraine. We regularly conduct cultural visits abroad such as festivals and conferences.
The goals and objectives of "JOYFEST" are the following: to wider the audience and increase the cultural level of Ukraine, to support new forms of theatrical activities in Ukraine, to implement the cultural trends in management, to provide the exchange of the experience in organizing, management, and creativity in other regions of Ukraine and beyond.
The repertoire of the Maskam Rad Theater (performs since 2011) includes more than 30 plays. There are more than 30 actors play in Maskam Rad theatre from both academic and non-academic theatres. Maskam Rad theater took part in 20 international theater festivals in Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and Moldova.
Maskam Rad theater held 100 cultural events annually during 170 days in a year for more than 13000 visitors and participants.



Youth house, Vratsa, Bulgaria


+359 894 259 493
+359 877 769 034