"Il Luogo in Buio is an Italian independent production involved in the cultural research of new forms, structures, and languages in the theatrical and artistic panorama.
Starting from the knowledge of the tradition of our country’s theatre (in particular Napolitan tradition), Il Luogo in Buio tries to mix Commedia dell’Arte, pochade, drama, clownery to express a contemporary kind of prose theatre that searches to communicate beyond words and speech, trying to interlink actors and public’s emotional worlds.
Il Luogo in Buio offers a different way from the commercial theatrical circuit: it moves to poetry, tribal rituals, performance, and visual art to feel a complete experience. An alternative for everyone that wants to look forward and believes to “Art for Art’s sake” motto, as Oscar Wilde said.
In the last five years, it was involved in collaboration with Janàcek Academy of Music and Performing Arts (Brno), SAMK (University of Application Arts in Kankaanpaa, Finland), IAB - Institute of the Arts Barcelona and Teatrul Skepsis (Romania) and it worked in some Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, French, Finnish festival.



Youth house, Vratsa, Bulgaria


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